Wafer Cutting

Slicing the wafer blocks in the desired dimensions with the help of a stainless blade from the block cooling tunnel.

Optionally, the bidirectional cutting machine can be used to increase production. The bidirectional cutting machine works on both sides with or without coating.

It is made in block rotation at the tunnel exit of the cutting machine. The cutting machine can make the desired number of block layers with the layer group applied on the first cut. The scraps from the edges of the blocks are poured under the cages on wheeled carts.

SINGLE CUT 7 blocks / min 6-8 bar Energy 4 kw

DOUBLE CUTTING 14 blocks /min 6-8 bar Energy 5 kw

The fully automatic cutting machine cuts the cream filled wafer blocks with stainless steel blades or cutting wires. It can optionally cut wafer blocks individually or stacked. For the cutting process, the blocks first pass through the 1st cutting cage and then they are pushed into the 2nd cutting cage at right angles. Optionally, a special design double cutting machine can be preferred to provide high capacity. The double cutting version also allows cutting different wafer sizes at the same time.