Dough Automation

It ensures that the wafer dough is mixed evenly and transferred to the oven by passing through the stainless steel pipes with the help of the dough pump.

Automation includes Dough Mixer, Dough Transfer Pump, Dough Stock Tank and Stainless pipes.

The ingredients in the dough recipe are put into the mixer manually or automatically. The dough is mixed according to the determined process. It is transferred to the Stock Tank with the help of a pump. Dough is fed to the Wafer Baking Oven with the help of a continuous pump.

The dough chamber in the Wafer Baking Oven is controlled with the help of sensors and valves, and the excess dough is converted back into the stock tank with the help of stainless pipes.

The Dough Mixer takes the water automatically and the value written on the control panel can be easily followed.


Dough Mixer 100 lt 400 lt / hour

Dough Mixer 150 LT 600 lt / hour

DOUGH STOCK TANK 200 LT 600 lt / hour

Dough Automation Energy 6,5 kW

It is the necessary facility for homogeneously mixing the wafer dough and feeding it to one or more wafer baking ovens fully automatically. The facility has dough mixer, dough feeding pump, dough resting tank and connecting pipes. The required dough sample materials are put into the mixer manually or automatically. The raw materials are then mixed piece by piece in a particularly sensitive and efficient process. Afterwards, the homogeneous wafer dough is pumped into the settling tank, from which they are fed into the automatic wafer baking oven continuously with the help of another pump.