Leaf Cooling

The baked wafer leaves are allowed to cool in the natural environment by entering the shelf gaps, and the tension of the leaf is relieved.

Broken leaves, half-leaves, upright leaves, overlapping leaves and leaves with broken corners are controlled with the help of sensors and automatically removed from the system at the feeding inlet.

The number of carrier pallets is made of stainless steel as 50 – 70 – 90 pieces. Energy consumption 2,5 kW.

Mold dimensions can be adjusted for 290 x 470 – 350 x 470 – 350 x 500 dimensions.

Wafer leaves are cooled after cooking. They are cooled with air before any additional cooling system is used. Leaf cooling machines are made in the form of a spring so that the operators can move freely on the line. If desired, a control device can be added at the entrance to this machine, which is controlled after the furnace. For example, leaves with broken corners can be automatically removed from the system. The special transport system separates the cooled wafer sheets from each other and directs them to the cream spreading machine. The effective number of carrier pallets is 40 or 90, made of stainless steel. It is designed for 290x470mm and 350x470mm dimensions.